Symbols, Colours and Condition of Products

The conditions to which the “Marki” refer are based mainly on the state of the discs or media and less on the packaging (it may vary according to the various categories), which may present dents, tears or other imperfections. We hope that the photos are complete, but in case of rare or collectible items we understand the importance of the object and its value, so please contact us to receive more detailed information.

Light blue Tag
A new product means it hasn´t been opened yet and in most cases it is still sealed. In case of missing original sealing we guarantee intergrity and non use.
Blue Tag
By perfect condition we mean a used product but preserved like new. Nevertheless it might have little lacks and the cover may be worn by time.
Green Tag
Products in very good conditions show slight traces of use on the disc and might have other possible lacks or a worn enclosure.
Yellow Tag
Products in good condition may have light scratches on the disc or enclosure due to normal use, nothing serious. And here as well possible lacks or traces of usage on disc or cover.
Red Tag
Products in acceptable conditions show evident signs of usage on disc or other mediasupport but however they are complete and working.